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Taking at Home Patient care to the next level. Patient Care, Special Needs care, Elderly Care, All in one app!

websitescreenshot.png Mission Statement

Our mission is to embody exemplary stewardship and responsible ownership in the operation of our businesses, prioritizing the advancement of humanity. We are committed to operating with accountability, striving to make a positive impact locally and globally. We aim to maintain lean operations while ensuring prudent financial management across all our endeavors. Every investment and earning will be managed with utmost responsibility and respect, reflective of the hard work and dedication put into its acquisition. We are dedicated to leaving a lasting, positive impact on all individuals we engage with, and pledge to contribute positively to the betterment of humanity.

Executive Summary:

Our app, named HomeCareOnDuty, aims to revolutionize the way patient care, special needs care, and elderly care are managed. HomeCareOnDuty will offer a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline caregiving processes, improve communication between caregivers and patients, enhance accessibility to healthcare services, and ultimately improve the quality of life for individuals in need of care. With a user-friendly interface and innovative functionalities, HomeCareOnDuty will be the go-to app for caregivers and care recipients alike.  Our goal of letting patients get the help they need in 3 Taps or less through a mobile application. We also have an IoT device where a patient can press a button and it will notify the providers the patient needs assistance.


Market Analysis:

The demand for efficient and accessible healthcare solutions is on the rise, especially in the domains of patient care, special needs care, and elderly care. The global population is aging, and there is an increasing need for personalized, tech-enabled caregiving services. Additionally, families with members requiring special needs care seek reliable tools to manage their unique challenges. HomeCareOnDuty addresses these market needs by providing a centralized platform that caters to diverse caregiving requirements.


Product Description:

HomeCareOnDuty will offer the following key features:

1. Profile Management: Users can create profiles for themselves or their loved ones, including medical history, allergies, medications, and emergency contacts.


2. Appointment Scheduling: Caregivers can schedule and manage appointments with healthcare providers, set medication reminders, and track health metrics.


3. Caregiver Matching: The app will facilitate the matching of caregivers with patients based on their needs, qualifications, and availability.


4. Communication Tools: Secure messaging, video calls, and real-time updates will enable seamless communication between caregivers, patients, and healthcare professionals.


5. Resource Directory: A comprehensive directory of local healthcare facilities, support services, and community resources will be available for easy access.


6. Emergency Response: Users can trigger emergency alerts, share their location with designated contacts, and access emergency services directly through the app.


7. Education and Support: HomeCareOnDuty will provide educational resources, training materials, and support networks for caregivers, empowering them with knowledge and assistance.


Marketing Strategy:

Our marketing strategy will focus on targeting caregivers, families, healthcare professionals, and organizations involved in patient care, special needs care, and elderly care. We will leverage social media, online advertising, partnerships with healthcare providers, and community outreach programs to raise awareness about HomeCareOnDuty and its benefits. Additionally, we will offer promotional campaigns, referral incentives, and loyalty programs to attract and retain users.


Revenue Model:

HomeCareOnDuty will adopt a freemium model, offering basic features for free and premium subscriptions for advanced functionalities. Revenue streams will include subscription fees, in-app purchases, advertising partnerships, and commission-based services (such as caregiver matching fees). Customized enterprise solutions will also be available for healthcare institutions and organizations seeking tailored caregiving platforms.


Financial Projections:

We anticipate steady growth in user adoption, with revenue projections based on subscription rates, user engagement metrics, and market penetration. HomeCareOnDuty will prioritize cost-effective development, scalable infrastructure, and efficient resource allocation to ensure profitability and sustainability.

Funds Usage:

Funds will be used to finish building the website and mobile apps, file for Utility Patent, marketing, and launch the business.


HomeCareOnDuty represents a groundbreaking solution for the evolving landscape of patient care, special needs care, and elderly care. By combining innovative technology with compassionate caregiving, HomeCareOnDuty aims to improve outcomes, enhance efficiency, and foster a community dedicated to holistic healthcare and support.


Funding Needed
Health & Wellness Consumer
Lake Zurich, IL
United States of America
Monthly Income
Less than $2,500
Patent Status
No Patent, but plan to file
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